Don't-Miss Stories

Nuance Talks to the Social Networks

The new version of Dragon speech recognition software includes support for iPhones and social networks

OS X Lion May Support Nuance

References to the voice recognition software were reported in OS X Lion and the latest internal iOS build.


E3: Xbox 360 Adds YouTube, Bing Voice Search

The Microsoft Kinect controller now supports voice control of the Xbox 360 console and voice-activated Bing searches of Hulu Plus, Netflix, and other sites. YouTube content is also coming to the Xbox Live.

Windows Phone 7 Update Fills in (Some) Missing Features

The "mango" update's long list of features includes fast app switching, multitasking for third-party apps, IE9 support, SkyDrive access, podcast downloads, and Twitter integration.

Nuance Deal Could Be Game Changer for Apple's iOS 5

If the rumors are true and Apple strikes a deal with Nuance, iOS 5 may raise the bar for voice recognition and change the way you use your smartphone.


Is VOIP Secure?

USANomad asked the Answer Line forum if people can eavesdrop on Voice Over Internet Protocol phone calls


Google Voice Number Porting: Pros and Cons

You can now port your existing phone number into Google Voice -- but should you do it? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide.


Voice Recognition is the Next Frontier, Says Woz

The Apple co-founder also analyzes Oracle's acquisition strategy, the tablet space, and new trends in enterprise memory

Google Voice Search Now Can Recognize Your Voice

Google's new personalized voice recognition technology helps Android phones perform more accurate voice searches.


12 Amazing Productivity Boosters

Manage to-do lists, capture ideas, and overclock your workday (and home life) with these essential apps for getting things done.