Don't-Miss Stories

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC Headset: Impressive PC-and-Phone Communicator

If you rely on your cell phone and Skype, this Plantronics package neatly turns your PC into a Bluetooth communications hub. The headset performs reasonably well most of the time.

Aircell Unveils In-flight Smartphone, Voice Service

Aircell will introduce a mobile voice service for business aircraft and a smartphone specially designed for in-flight use late this year.

Google Voice Coming to All Sprint Phones

Sprint is integrating the Google Voice application into all of its phones, giving users a new way to make cheap international calls.

Sprint and Google Voice Numbers Can Now be One and the Same

Sprint and Google partnership lets subscribers use their Sprint phone number as a Google Voice number.

GNU Free Call: An Open Source Skype Alternative

This planned service could add security while preventing any intervention or interruption of communications.

VoIP Abuse Will Grow: Three Simple Reasons Why

In its recent annual security report, Cisco predicted VOIP abuse as a potential area for cyber crime growth.

Cisco Targets SMBs with New "Unified Communications" Products

Cisco launched new "unified communications" products for SMB customers, but the offerings are really just glorified VoIP.

Cisco Fights For 'Share of SMB Pie' With Unified Communications Gear

Cisco unveiled two unified communications products optimized for small and midsize businesses.

Skype and Facebook: Together at Last on (Some) Corporate Networks

If using Skype with Facebook triggers cascading browser windows to flood your screen, a fix is on the way.

Cisco Upgrades Its Video Portfolio

Cisco Thursday unveiled new equipment top help large companies create and distribute videos.