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Firefox Blacklists 'Repeat Offender' Skype Add-on

Mozilla has blocked a Skype add-on for Firefox, saying it caused more then 40,000 crashes of the browser last week and seriously slowed page loading.


Skype Growth Eats Into International Calls

International phone traffic is on the slide and one research company reckons that a likely cause is the effect of VoIP service Skype.

PC-Free MagicJack Coming Soon

The MagicJack Plus will plug into a wall outlet and provide voice-over-IP phone service by hooking up to a broadband or 4G mobile network.

Skype Buys Qik Mobile Video Streaming Service

Skype has acquired Qik, the mobile-to-mobile video streaming service, as part of an effort to expand its voice and video calling service beyond PCs.

Skype Faces Ban in China

New regulations by Chinese authorities may essentially prohibit the use of Skype by restricting who can offer it.


Skype Adds Video In New iOS App

Skype on Thursday introduced a new version of its iOS app, which enables free video chatting between iPhones, iPods and iPads over WiFi and 3G connections.


Is the Skype Crash Windows' Fault or Skype's?

Who's to blame for the massive Skype crash of 2010 that knocked 10 million users off the grid right before the holiday season? Microsoft's Windows? Or Skype itself?


Video Calling Hits Skype for iPhone

The iPhone version of Skype we wanted all along is finally here: one that does video calls.


Skype Adds Video-over-3G Capabilities to Its IPhone App

Skype has updated its free iPhone app, adding the ability to make video calls over 3G mobile networks. The updated app is available for download from Apple's app...

Skype Blames Buggy Windows Software, Swamped Servers for Outage

Skype Wednesday blamed last week's outage on a combination of overloaded instant messaging servers, buggy software, and the failure of its "supernode" infrastructure