Don't-Miss Stories

Skype and Facebook: When Social Media Collide

If using Skype and Facebook together is triggering pop-up browser windows that clutter your screen, you're not alone. Here's how to stop that headache.

Push2Call: A Cloud Telephony Service You Can Embed in Websites

Gibbs discusses telephony in the cloud and a free service, Push2Call, that can enhance your Website or social networking services.

Avoid Smartphone and Wi-Fi 'Gotchas' with Skype Hotspots

Skype is offering pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi services at hotspots around the world--and it looks like it the price will be right.

Top 10 Telecom Contract Mistakes

When it comes to telecom negotiations, most telecom managers have a difficult time. I see far too many contracts riddled with unacceptable clauses and...

Personal Femtocell to Cut Roaming Costs on iPhone, Android

Femtocell maker Ubiquisys has developed a new type of small base station for 3G mobile phones that it calls an attocell.

Google Voice Number Porting: Pros and Cons

You can now port your existing phone number into Google Voice -- but should you do it? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide.


Firefox Blacklists 'Repeat Offender' Skype Add-on

Mozilla has blocked a Skype add-on for Firefox, saying it caused more then 40,000 crashes of the browser last week and seriously slowed page loading.


Skype Growth Eats Into International Calls

International phone traffic is on the slide and one research company reckons that a likely cause is the effect of VoIP service Skype.

PC-Free MagicJack Coming Soon

The MagicJack Plus will plug into a wall outlet and provide voice-over-IP phone service by hooking up to a broadband or 4G mobile network.

Skype Buys Qik Mobile Video Streaming Service

Skype has acquired Qik, the mobile-to-mobile video streaming service, as part of an effort to expand its voice and video calling service beyond PCs.