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Video Calling Hits Skype for iPhone

The iPhone version of Skype we wanted all along is finally here: one that does video calls.


Skype Adds Video-over-3G Capabilities to Its IPhone App

Skype has updated its free iPhone app, adding the ability to make video calls over 3G mobile networks. The updated app is available for download from Apple's app...

Skype Blames Buggy Windows Software, Swamped Servers for Outage

Skype Wednesday blamed last week's outage on a combination of overloaded instant messaging servers, buggy software, and the failure of its "supernode" infrastructure

Skype Outage: What You Need to Know

More than 24 hours after a Skype outage hit users around the world, the service has come back online for most users. Here what you need to know about the status of Skype.


Skype Slowly Restoring Service to Users

Skype continues to recover after an outage caused by problems with its peer-to-peer interconnection system, and 10 million users are reportedly online.

Skype Aids Communications for Remote UN Refugee Workers

Humanitarian workers in the most remote parts of the world find a low-cost way to communicate with colleagues, friends, and families.


How to Optimize Your Router for VoIP and Video

With networks, everything starts with the router. If you want smooth streaming video and flawless VoIP calls, you may need to tweak your router. Here's how to do it, and what to replace if older equipment isn't up to the task.

How Dead Is the PBX Really?

The role of the PBX is changing in importance, but it's still too early to issue a death certificate, according to Infonetics.

Microsoft on Lync Launch: The PBX Era Is Over

Microsoft says its renamed unified communications and collaboration platform Lync is ready to replace corporate PBXs.

Virtual Office Pro Combines Phone and Meeting Services

The 8x8 Virtual Office Pro, a browser-based software tool, handles fundamental office communication, but it lacks innovative extras.