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Fring Could Beat Skype for Low-Cost Android Calls

With fewer restrictions and rates as low as one cent per minute, FringOut offers a number of compelling advantages.

Skype for Android Now Available on More Smartphones

The app, which had been exclusive to Verizon phones, is now available in the Android Market for any Android phone running version 2.1 or above of the OS.


The ABCs of VoIP

Here are three steps for small and midsized businesses who consider upgrading from a PBX phone system to Voice-over IP.

Facebook-Skype Alliance Threatens Google Dominance

A rumored alliance between Facebook and Skype would combine approximately a billion users on a social networking and collaborative communication platform.

Apple Gives Google Voice App the Nod of Approval, Says Report

Apple has approved the official Google Voice App according to reports.


Google Voice Cleared for IPhone: Report

Google Voice has been cleared for Apple's iPhone and should be available via the App Store in a few weeks, according to a report.

Cut the Cord: Low-Cost and Free Landline Phone Alternatives

Begone, monthly phone bill! New and improved products like NetTalk Duo, the Ooma Telo, and the YMax MagicJack offer full-featured phone service at a fraction of the cost of regular landline service.

NetTalk Duo Delivers on Promise of Replacing Your Landline Connection

The NetTalk Duo delivers as an inexpensive phone line that can sound as good as a landline--when directly plugged into your router.

YMax MagicJack: Inexpensive Calling That Relies on a Computer

The MagicJack lives up to its name, offering solid, reliable phone service for peanuts.


Ooma Telo: The Single Best Landline Replacement You Can Buy

It may have a higher cost of entry than its competitors, but together with Ooma's service, the Telo provides a great landline alternative.