Don't-Miss Stories

How to Hack IP Voice and Video in Real-time

Corporate video conferences can still be easily hacked by insiders using a freeware tool that allows attackers to monitor calls in real-time and record them.

Google Voice Returns to the iPhone App Store

Analysis: A developer of third-party Google Voice app GV Mobile gets the green light to sell the app through Apple's store after all.


VoIP and Compliance Regulations Make Strange Bedfellows

As attacks against VoIP persist businesses not only have to defend themselves, they have to do it under the gun of regulators.

Google Voice Offers a Lot, But Not Yet For Google Apps

Google Voice in Gmail Offers call recording, screening, and missed call notices. However, business users of Google Apps are missing out on the new features, at least for now.

Why Cisco Wants to Purchase Skype

Rumors are circulating that Cisco is making a move to purchase Skype before the VoIP company's IPO. The move could help Cisco compete in VoIP and unified communications, or perhaps make Cisco itself more attractive as a target for acquisition.

Google Voice: 5 Truths Behind the Hype

Analysis: Why did Google add voice capability to Gmail -- and what's next? These five facts put the new Google Voice in perspective.


Gmail's Phone Feature: A Logical Addition

Analysis: Google's habit of introducing non-e-mail features into Gmail works out well, this time.

Gmail Users Make One Million Calls in 24 Hours

Google's integration of Google Voice and Gmail appears to be a day one success as Gmail users make a million calls in the first 24 hours of its launch.


Maybe Phone Calls in Gmail are About Phone Calls in Gmail?

There is a lot of speculating about what Google is trying to achieve when it integrated Google Voice into Gmail. What if Google had no plan to compete with Facebook or Skype?


Gmail Voice Promises Affordable Calling

The new Gmail Voice Calling feature from Google provides businesses with a tool for streamlined communication and more cost-effective calling directly from the PC.