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Google Voice Chat Not Ready for Business--Or Is It?

Google's low-cost Internet calling service may prove to be a serious money-saver for businesses.

Google Brings Voice to Gmail With Free Calls

Google begins pushing Google Voice harder to users by integrating it with Gmail - the company's popular Web-based e-mail service.


Voice Calling Coming to Gmail?

Google has an announcement today, and a voice enhancement to Gmail Chat is expected.

Supercharge Your Business With Google Apps

Get started with Google Apps and unlock hidden, business-savvy features.

India May Restrict Skype and Google

India may ask Google; Skype and other online service providers to allow the country's law enforcement agencies to access communications on their networks.

Sutus Business Central 200 Focuses on Ease of Use

A single box integrates your router, shared storage, e-mail, and VoIP phone service, providing a basic infrastructure for your small business.

Skype on iPhone: Does it Save Money?

Can the ability to receive Skype calls any time really save you money? Let's look at the numbers and find out.


Windows XP SP2 and 7 Other Things Microsoft Killed This Year

Be warned: Microsoft is thinning the herd; you may be on your own if anything you're still using is on this list.


What You Need to Know about IPv6

A fundamental change in how the Internet works is likely to come in the next few years. Failing to plan now could cause your business to miss network security and performance benefits, and to suffer higher costs and painful outages.

Give Us Google Voice, Online Petition Demands

Fans of Google's VoIP service are asking the search giant to release a desktop app, after they were able to catch a glimpse of it in action.