Don't-Miss Stories

Google Gives Small Businesses a Big Voice

With the official launch of Google Voice, Google extends the suite of tools available to help SMBs establish a cost-effective, enterprise-class communication and collaboration solution.

LTE Continues to Gain Momentum, Says GSA

UPDATE: Support for LTE is growing, there are now 80 firm network deployments in 33 countries, the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) said on Monday.

Expert: Skype Worm No Cause for Panic

Security research firm Bkis earlier this month warned of a vicious virus targeting both Skype and Yahoo! Messenger.

Skype Turns Panasonic HDTVs Into Videophones

The first HDTVs to incorporate the Skype for TV technology are now shipping from Panasonic.


Skype's Newest Beta Adds Group Video Chat

Premium feature includes 5-way video calling and is free during beta-testing.


Google Voice, Skype Get Unified Caller ID

Analysis: Now you can call by Skype but display your Google Voice number; thanks, Google.


RIM Launches Two New BlackBerrys and Voice-Over-Wi-Fi Service

The latest RIM BlackBerry handsets offer all of the familiar BlackBerry business features in slightly updated, sleeker designs.

VoIP vs. Volcano: Stranded Professor Teaches via Skype

Columbia Law School's tech team builds an ad hoc Skype system to let a stranded professor teach classes remotely.

Caller ID Spoofing Ban is Bad for Business

The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2010 may impact otherwise legitimate uses of caller ID spoofing.

iPad as Giant Phone? Not With Skype

If you're hoping to jimmy-rig your iPad to make phone calls with Skype, think again.