Don't-Miss Stories

Skype Glitch Fixed, No Big Deal

Skype has launched a fix for their recent glitch. For now though, it's just for Windows.

Skype Suffers Outage: What You Need to Know

Skype users around the world are reporting that the service seems to be down, but there is a workaround to get connected with Skype again.

Skype Voice Service Crashes; Users Offered Fix Instructions

Skype offers fix in first crash after Microsoft acquisition.

Skype: Microsoft Didn't Kill Asterisk Support

The world seems to have jumped to the conclusion that Skype ending support for Asterisk is some sort of insidious conspiracy driven by the evil Microsoft.

Skype's Asterisk Move Begins Its Closed Future

Just two weeks after the acquisition, Microsoft snips the first cord to the open source world.

Cisco VoIP Phones to Star in Security Weakness Demo

HackLabs is expected to demonstrate how hackers perform VoIP attacks and identify weaknesses in Cisco and other VoIP phones.

Microsoft's Skype Buy Could Boost Unified Communications

Microsoft's $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype could profoundly influence a set of collaboration and conferencing technologies called Unified Communications.

Businesses to Microsoft: Please Make Skype Easier to Manage!

Skype voice and video has tended to trigger IT security angst, and now that Microsoft has bought Skype, some observers are hoping the service will be easier to manage in a business setting.

How to Use BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat Behind the Firewall

If you're having trouble with the BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat application while connected to a corporate network, here's what to do.

Microsoft Brings Skype from Living Room to Board Room

Skype is an icon of online communications for consumers, but the Microsoft purchase gives Skype established credibility with business customers as well.