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Google's putting the finishing touches on a Google Now smartwatch, says WSJ

Forget the Galaxy Gear: Google's rumored to be jumping into the smartwatch fray, and Google Now could just be the killer feature that drags wrist riders main stream.



Tablet shipments will jump 53% in 2013, Gartner says

Tablets shipments will soar ahead by 53 percent in 2013 as desktop and laptop shipments decline by 11 percent, research firm Gartner forecast.

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch is subject to many unhappy returns

The watch is selling to consumers, but it isn't staying with them.


Galaxy Glass? Samsung files patent for smart spectacles

Is no body part safe from the Galaxy line's all-extending reach?


Straighten up: Improve your posture with LUMOback

LUMOback is the automatic nagging machine our parents always dreamed of.

New ARM embedded chip architecture aimed at cars, hospitals, factories

A new ARM architecture for embedded chips could boost the power and precision of systems used in a variety of products, including car brakes, medical devices, and factory systems.


HTC enters smartwatch fray; my wrist remains unimpressed

There is nothing exciting about smartwatches. So, why all the hubbub?


Windows wearable

Microsoft reportedly sourcing components for its own smart eyeglasses

Microsoft is attempting to find its footing in the mobile space by embracing brave new form factors.


How the wearables will eventually hit our closets

The wearable technology getting attention now is products like Google Glass, fitness trackers, and smartwatches, but more gadgets will arrive soon with practical applications and perhaps lower price tags.


Adidas runner's watch puts diverse world of wearables in the spotlight

The $399 smartwatch from Adidas will focus on runners' needs and won't talk to phones.