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Qualcomm Toq

Smartwatch parade keeps on ticking with Qualcomm's Toq

Besides its newly unveiled smartwatch mobile chip vendor Qualcomm is investing in mobile services to help drive demand for its processors, including streaming music with Rhapsody and "microlocation" deals with the Miami Dolphins.


Samsung Proxima

10 features the Samsung Gear smartwatch must offer to preempt the iWatch

Samsung would love to beat Apple to the mainstream with a smartwatch, but it'll need to deliver some uncharacteristically "magical" features in the new device.


It's the Samsung Galaxy Gear! Sort of. Perhaps. Mostly?

Everybody calm down. These are only pictures, and we won't know what's inside the final shipping smartwatch until Samsung is good and ready.


wireless backscatter

'Backscatter' network could support the Internet of Things

Researchers in at the University of Washington have mapped out a wireless communication system intended to allow devices to communicate with each other without relying on batteries or wires for power, bolstering the Internet of Things.


Slight drop in tablet sales expected as wearables emerge

Researcher IDC has slightly lowered its tablet shipment forecast for 2013 and beyond, blaming competition from larger-sized smartphones and futuristic wearable computing devices.


Google Glass to gain local apps, but not cellular connection

Google Glass creator Babak Parviz told Hot Chips conference attendees about a couple of new features you can expect from future versions of Google Glass.


Why you're going to love wearable computing

Wearable computing gadgets aren't toys for lazy geeks or harbingers of a dystopian future. Here's why you're going to love wearable computing.


Glass wearer

Google figures out how to transform your glasses into Google Glass

Engineers at Google have developed a way to display information to people in the lenses of their eyeglasses.

Prototype Bluetooth headset tracks user movements

The wearable concept from Plantronics is aware of which direction the user is looking, opening up a vast opportunity for software development.

Health and fitness spotlighted at Wearable Tech Expo

Our video report on the Wearable Tech Expo highlights a smart posture and movement system and a fitness tracker.