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Wearable computing pioneer Steve Mann: Who watches the watchmen?

We chat with Steve Mann about Glass, privacy, and the benefits of wearable tech.


Why Apple will enter (and dominate) the wearable technology market

Current smartwatches and activity trackers show promise, but none are perfect—leaving a gaping opportunity for Apple to swoop in and dominate.


Google Glass: simply a gimmick or a game-changer in business?

Is Google Glass a gimmick or the next revolution in post-PC computing? Time will be the judge, because the head-mounted augmented reality device isn't even widely available yet.


Study shows brainwaves could be security for wearable tech

With the next wave in consumer electronics expected to be wearable gadgets, researchers are evaluating the use of thought-based authentication with the technology.

google glass

Google's wearable computer faces bans even before Glass goes on sale

Businesses weigh a Google Glass ban, concerned that the wearable computers will be used to secretly film people.


8 myths about the smartwatch revolution

A smartwatch is a wristwatch device that connects to the Internet, directly or via a smartphone, and runs apps.

Google is reportedly building a smartwatch, too

Apple isn't the only major player rumored to be eyeing the smartwatch market—a new report claims Google's Android division is actively developing an Android-powered watch of its own.


Sony watches

Watch this space: Smartwatches abound at Mobile World Congress

Smartphones and tablets may be the focus at Mobile World Congress, but there's a definite interest in watches that can connect to your mobile device. Here are three smartwatches that caught our eye on on the show floor.


New motion tech makes mobile devices far more self-aware

The combo of compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope is moving beyond gaming into other devices and apps.


Review: Pebble smartwatch is a few software updates short of greatness

The Pebble is a cool, geeky electronic watch that might end up being a whole lot more if the company can make good on its software promises.