Don't-Miss Stories

Dreamweaver and Flash join Edge Tools in the cloud

Adobe has announced updates to its suite of Web-centric tools and cloud services, including Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, and the new Edge Animate.

Review: Create stunning websites in minutes for free with Tackk

Anyone can create a beautiful website with Tackk, no coding or design skills needed. It's free and cross-platform, too.

Make your website stand out in Windows 8

New features in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 help you integrate your website and attract visitors to it.

Make your business shine online: 8 steps to boost visibility

Getting seen on the Web can feel next to impossible. Here's how your small business can overcome the odds and stand out from the crowd.

Review: Pencil lets you rough in mockups for mobile apps, websites, and desktop software

Free utility Pencil is handy for iterating through different design ideas for a new app or website. Good thing it's easy to use, too; there's no documentation for the program itself.


Programming savvy is the new digital divide, Berners-Lee says

Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee says all school students should be given some hands-on experience of programming, to provide a critical mass of enthusiastic and competent programmers to stem the current shortage of developers.

Ruby on Rails receives the third security patch in less than a month

Developers of the Ruby on Rails Web development framework released versions 3.0.20 and 2.3.16 of the software on Monday in order to address a critical remote code execution vulnerability.

How to clean up your business's online reputation

The health of your small business is only as good as the way people perceive it. If someone is badmouthing you on the Web, here's how to clean things up.

How to get started with Google AdWords

Building a genius campaign on the Internet's largest ad network is easier than you think. Here's how to get started and build exposure for your site.

HTML5 is now feature-complete; here's what's next

The World Wide Web Consortium has a roster of proposed enhancements, including better forms, spell checking, and video captioning.