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Hands on with Swipp: Compare global opinions in real time

A new social networking service, Swipp, builds on Facebook to enable not only sharing opinions but quick, graphical comparisons with the rest of your network and the web.

Government data requests to Google continue to rise

Governments continue to ask Google for more data about its users, with more than two-thirds of requests in the U.S. made through a subpoena, which usually doesn't require asking a judge for a search warrant.

Doubt cast on the security of Kim Dotcom's Mega service

Kim Dotcom's bold new venture, the file-storage and sharing service Mega, is drawing criticism as security researchers analyze how the site protects users' data. In short, they advise: don't trust it.


Mega: Hands-on with the encrypted cloud storage service

After the controversial shutdown of MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom has returned with the Mega storage service. Here's a look at its functions and shortfalls.

How to get started with Google AdWords

Building a genius campaign on the Internet's largest ad network is easier than you think. Here's how to get started and build exposure for your site.


Instagram hits 90 million users despite terms-of-service fracas

Instagram says its population of active users has increased 10 percent since December, despite claims that the service is bleeding subscribers after a recent outrage over a revision to its terms of service.


Automatically send new Hassle-Free PC posts to your Pocket account

Using the amazing If This Then That, you can get Hassle-Free PC (and other PC World columns) delivered right to your Pocket.


U.S. tech tools still fall short of European privacy standards

A privacy watchdog group in the European Union expects no immediate change in an ongoing standoff with the U.S. over data protection standards.


Google tests integrating Gmail activities into search results

Some features of the Google Now service are available in a Web trial, so that a search query will include results from your Gmail account.

When does it pay to outsource your small-business tasks?

Outsourcing critical work abroad can save lots of money, but it can also turn out disastrously. Here’s how to avoid the biggest pitfalls.