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Windows 8.1 changes a lot about the core Windows 8 experience, but it can be so much better if Microsoft adds just a bit more.

Don't forget to back up your PC before trying Windows 8.1

Tales of installation woes drive home the point: Back up your system before trying out Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 also has a few business-oriented tricks up its sleeve

Microsoft focused much of its Build conference keynote on Windows 8.1; meanwhile, the company dug deeper into Windows 8.1's business-oriented features at TechEd Europe.

Windows 8.1 apps: New additions and crucial updates

Windows 8.1 Preview shows much-improved internal apps, and the Windows Store is much friendlier and more filled-out than it used to be.

Deep inside Windows 8.1's hidden new features

Some of Windows 8.1's more useful tweaks occur behind the scenes.

Cool hidden features in Windows 8.1

There's a lot to learn about Windows 8.1. We'll show you some of the coolest hidden features you need to know about.

Microsoft misses the mark as its Build 2013 keynote muddles the Windows 8.1 message

Developers, developers, developers shouldn't be your audience when you're announcing a product that's crucial for your company's future.

Build 2013 keynote: Microsoft unveils Windows 8.1, pledges 'rapid release' schedule

Microsoft executives formally unveiled Windows 8.1 at its Build 2013 conference, pledging rapid, responsive updates will empower its developer base.

Hands On with Windows 8.1: Microsoft's 'do-over' OS is loaded with features

Windows 8.1 isn't just an update—it's an apology to customers. But if you didn't like Windows 8, don't expect the new release to change your mind.

Windows 8.1 will let you disable hot corners and shut down from the Start button

A new Windows Server 2012 preview unveils some of the goodies we can expect to see in the Windows 8.1 desktop updates.

Microsoft hopes for second chance with Windows 8.1

What does Microsoft need to accomplish at its BUILD developer's conference this week? Establish that it can listen to customers, analysts say.