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The majority of American adults are now smartphone owners

A new poll from Pew finds that 56% of American adults now own smartphones. A variety of other demographic findings may surprise you.


YouTube and Windows Phone: The Google-Microsoft slap fight continues

Microsoft's response to Google's takedown request for the Windows Phone 8 YouTube app: Hypocrisy much?


Windows Phone claims third place in the smartphone wars, but challenges await

Windows Phone is riding high(ish) right now, but Microsoft will have to combat a surging BlackBerry 10 gain traction in carrier stores if it wants to hold on to the bronze.


Google tells Microsoft to shut down its YouTube app for Windows Phone

Google on Wednesday demanded that Microsoft yank its YouTube app for Windows Phone from the market and disable any downloaded copies of the app, according to, which received a copy of Google's cease and desist letter.

Nokia Lumia 925

Sibling rivalry: Lumia 925 vs. the competition (Chart)

All the stats you need to know about the Lumia 925 and its rivals, all in one spot.


Nokia's Lumia lineup finds little love in the U.S.

Nokia's first quarter financials show the Lumia lineup picking up steam globally, but it's actually losing steam Stateside.


Nokia sees improving Windows Phone sales, shrinking quarterly loss

Nokia's sales of smartphones running Windows Phone continued to grow in the first quarter, and its net loss shrank year on year, even as overall revenue declined.


Microsoft is making a mistake by passing on a Surface Phone

The VP of Microsoft's Windows Phone division poured cold water on the idea of a Surface Phone this week, but Microsoft may be making a critical mistake in not bolstering an already soft platform.


Bad news for BlackBerry 10: Survey says most Americans don't care

In a survey of 1,500 U.S. consumers by a research firm, 82.6 percent said they didn't know Blackberry 10 had launched in Canada and Europe in late January and didn't expect the OS to be available in the U.S. within the next 30 days.


Speek eases conference calling hassles for Windows Phone

This free app lets you create and join calls right from your handset. It's not even available for Android yet.