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Windows Phone 7.8: Leaked Document Details Missing Features

Microsoft has been silent on what will be missing in Windows Phone 7.8, but a document originating in France and attributed to Nokia offers some clues.

Nokia Expected to Launch Windows Phone 8 Lumia in September

The phone maker is scheduled to hold a Nokia World event on Sept. 5 and 6 in Helsinki focused primarily on the company's 'operator and retail partners.'

Microsoft Stops Publishing New Mobile Apps Amid Download Issues

Microsoft has decided to stop publishing new apps for Windows Phone on Marketplace, while it addresses an issue that led to users experiencing problems.


Windows Phone Sales Surge -- Is It Real or Just a Blip?

Keep in mind that it's easy to rack up big percent gains when you start with small numbers.


Windows Phone 7 Owners Won't Get In-App Purchases

A note on the MSDN Windows Phone Developer Center website reveals that only Windows Phone 8 users will get in-app purchases.

Microsoft Opens New Portal for Windows Phone Developers

Windows Phone Dev Center's launch increases the number of countries where developers can sell their applications; what they charge; and how they receive payments.

Analysts Make Holiday Tech Predictions

Analysts Make Holiday Tech Predictions


Box Adds Windows Phone to the Mobile Mix

Box is expanding its mobile reach by making its cloud storage and file sharing service available with a new app for Windows Phone smartphones.

Why You Shouldn't Get a Smartphone Right Now

There are many great smartphones to choose from, but if you get one before fall you may quickly regret that you didn't wait a few months.

Sales of Windows Phone 7 Lag, Creating Problem for Nokia and Microsoft

Since Windows Phone 7 is essentially a dead end, the mobile platform’s popularity is unlikely to improve in the coming months before Windows Phone 8 arrives.