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Microsoft is reportedly working on its own smartphone

Asian suppliers say Microsoft is currently testing a smartphone design. But launching its own handset would require careful balance to avoid angering its partners that are shipping Windows Phone 8 devices.


Do IT managers prefer Microsoft for mobile?

Redmond will be happy to hear the results of this recent survey of IT managers.

Microsoft is going all in with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is reportedly giving all employees new Windows 8 PCs, Windows Phone 8 smartphones, and Microsoft Surface RT tablets.

Windows Phone fails to gain traction in second quarter

About 5.4 million Windows Phone devices were sold in the quarter, for a 3.5 percent market share, up from 2.3 percent a year previously.


Nokia's 920 Windows 8 smartphone: Early returns are in

New Windows Phone 8 flagship smartphone garners universal plaudits.


Nokia Lumia 920: hottest features and coolest accessories

Wireless charging, PureView camera, offline maps: Here's what you should know about Nokia’s new flagship Windows Phone 8 device.


Liveblog: Nokia's big Windows Phone 8 news

Nokia announces Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 at event in New York City.


Windows Phone 8 launch is make-or-break moment for Nokia, says analyst

The phones need to have a wow-factor that will generate buzz -- and sales -- according to the analyst.


Could this Fall's Lumia Windows Phone 8 Launch Be the Last Chance for Nokia?

Windows Phone has enjoyed favor recently, but some analysts warn that unless the Lumia line of Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices takes off this fall, it could mean the end of Nokia.


Windows Phone 8 Launch Adds to Microsoft's Busy October

As if the October 26 launch of Windows 8 wasn't enough for Microsoft, the launch of Windows Phone 8 is reportedly scheduled for three days later.