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Windows Phone: Is Relief in Sight?

The latest numbers show Microsoft's mobile market share continues to sink, but a leaked Windows Phone roadmap raises some reason for hope.


Official Windows Phone Jailbreak Stalls

Only a limited number of keys may be available under a deal with Microsoft, but unofficial jailbreak tools can still be found.

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Hits 50,000 Apps, Still Lags

The market share of Microsoft's mobile platform was just 1.5 percent in the third quarter of 2011, according to Gartner figures.


10 Biggest Tech Letdowns of 2011

From the dead-on-arrival HP TouchPad to RIM's epic BlackBerry outage and Yahoo's slow fade, here are the tech products, companies and events that let us all down in 2011.

Why is Windows Phone 7 Failing? Former General Manager Explains

Despite years of development and countless millions in marketing, Windows Phone 7 still has gained no traction with consumers.


25 Top Network and IT Industry News Stories of 2011

2011 will be remembered for the death of Steve Jobs, Cisco's refocusing, IPv6's coming-out party, and more.

Safe Bet: Mobile Stays Hot in 2012, Among Other Predictions

Look for NFC in more phones, including the iPhone, and don't count RIM out yet.


Sophos Updates Mobile Device Management Platform

Latest version of Sophos Mobile Control includes reporting dashboard for compliance enforcement.

IT Groups Reveal Their Best Enterprise Tablet Tricks

New generation tablets are being adopted en masse by enterprises, despite the lack of any support infrastructure from the manufacturers. Many enterprise users...

The Latest Fanboy Obsession is...Windows Phone 7?

Microsoft appears to have a hit mobile OS on its hands, according to Cringely's readers.