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Nokia Scrapping Symbian in the U.S. for Windows Phone 7

Nokia is killing off its Symbian operating system in order to make way for Windows Phone 7.


Windows Phone Manager Quits Microsoft to do Startup

Longtime Microsoft employee and Windows Phone boss Charlie Kindel announced Monday he's leaving Microsoft after 21 years to start a new company.

4 Reasons Windows Phone 7 Will Beat iPhone and Android

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Android, iPhone Biggest Winners in Global Smartphone Battle

RIM's BlackBerry and Windows phones lag, although RIM is doing quite well in South America, Indonesia, and South Africa.


Windows Mango Matches Apple and Android in Features: But for How Long?

Windows Phone 7's Mango update will bring much-needed features to the mobile operating system, bringing it up to speed with iOS and Android. But how long until iOS and Android outstrip WinPho7 yet again?


Windows Phone 7 Gets a Thumbs-Down from Customers

A recent survey found that only 7 percent of shoppers prefer Windows Phone 7 over competing smartphone operating systems, a number that doesn't bode well for Microsoft.


First Windows "Mango" Phone Unveiled

The first smartphone based on the new "Mango" edition of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform was unveiled on Wednesday in Tokyo.