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The Biggest Flops of 2011, So Far

It's only July, and already we've seen a goodly clutch of disappointments and outright tech failures. Here are dozen glaring examples.

Nokia Needs a Windows Phone (Badly)

Nokia needs to jump on the smartphone ship, or it's going to miss the boat.


Windows Phone 7 Edges Android in User Satisfaction

Apple's iPhone is still favored by nearly 50 percent of customers but in a surprise 57 percent for those with Windows Phone handsets are 'very satisfied' with the device, a number that outranks the percentage of Android users.


Microsoft Staffing Secretive Windows Phone Project

Microsoft is working on a secretive new project in its Windows Phone division, according to a job description it posted over the weekend.

Novelty Company Sues Microsoft Over Windows Phone 7 Ads

Microsoft is being sued over its Windows Phone 7 ads that make fun of people who are addicted to their cellphones.


Ballmer Admits Windows Phone 7 Has Failed So Far

Microsoft's CEO said the company continues to have a very small market share but promises that a lot of progress will be made.


Most Popular Windows Phone 7 Apps

Here is a choice selection of games, maps, office productivity and media apps for Microsoft's smartphone.


Is Galaxy S II Headed to Windows Phone 7?

The main obstacle is that the Galaxy S II doesn't match the existing Windows Phone hardware specification in terms of its processor and three dedicated buttons on the front of the phone.


Angry Birds Lands on Windows Phone 7

The game has long been rumored for Windows Phone 7 devices, with a promotional image released before the launch of the phones suggesting that it would immediately be available.


Essential Apps for Windows Phone 7

If you're seeking apps for your Windows Phone 7 handset, check out our picks, including tools for GPS navigation and for monitoring trending news topics.