Don't-Miss Stories

Verizon Readies HTC Trophy, its First Windows Phone

The Windows Phone 7 device goes on sale next week priced at about $150.


Android Vs. Windows Phone 7: The Coming Mobile Battle

Can Windows Phone 7 actually become the dominant mobile OS in less than three years? Yes, says Pyramid Research, and the reason is that the smartphone market is still in its infancy.

9 Ways Microsoft is Winning!...and Losing!

Microsoft has Tiger Blood.

Android Sets Stage for Smartphone Battle Royal

Ice Cream Sandwich, iOS5, Windows Phone Mango and other contenders will face off later this year in a fight for mobile OS supremacy.


Windows Phone 7 Update Fills in (Some) Missing Features

The "mango" update's long list of features includes fast app switching, multitasking for third-party apps, IE9 support, SkyDrive access, podcast downloads, and Twitter integration.

RIM and Microsoft: Dance of the Zombies

Analysis: Their 'partnership' will change nothing in the mobile market, which is following the path of the iPod instead of Windows


Windows Phone 7 Shipments Barely a Blip on the Radar

Analysis: Canalys did a little extrapolation that found that fewer than 2.5 million Windows Phone 7 devices were shipped in the first quarter of 2011.


Users Tripped up by Unofficial Win Phone 7 Update Tool

Microsoft engineers working on Windows Phone 7 said they're too busy right now to fix a problem caused by an unofficial update tool.

Microsoft Releases First Windows Phone Security Update

The patch isn't available for all Windows Phone 7 users. They will receive an on-device notification once the update is available for their phone.


Windows Phone 7 Gets Hit Again--Developers Lose Interest In Writing Apps For It

Combined with a separate report showing that consumer interest also is waning, it appears that Microsoft's phone platform is losing steam.