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Developers Cooling on Windows Phone 7, Too

Combined with a separate report showing that consumer interest is waning as well, it appears that Microsoft's phone platform is losing steam.


Nokia Puts Symbian OS Out to Pasture

Nokia is transferring Symbian to Accenture as part of its plans to develop smartphones based on the Windows Phone 7 OS from Microsoft. About 3,000 employees will move to Accenture in the process.


Smartphones Are All Alike, Let’s Have a Price War

The phone makers seem to be settling on a common set of features and functions, while data services might be headed for speed overkill. The only battlefield remaining will be price.


Windows Phone 7 Beset by Waning Consumer Interest

A recent survey by Nielsen suggests that fewer people are now interested in buying a smartphone with a Microsoft operating system than before Windows Phone 7 launched.


After Delays, Windows Phones Get Update

Microsoft started rolling out software updates to users of the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum, following more than a month of delays.

Office 365 Isn't Mobile Enough

Office 365 works to an extent from virtually any mobile device, but Microsoft could dominate if it developed native Office 2010 Mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Crisis Expert Grades Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Update Mea Culpa

Microsoft's latest explanation of its Windows Phone 7 update fiasco gets an A for effort, but a B+ for its timing, a crisis communications expert said Friday.


Microsoft Says It Learned Key Lessons From Windows Phone Update Fiasco

Microsoft did not realize how different smartphones are from PCs until recent software updates broke new Windows Phone 7 devices.


Windows Phone 7 'Mango' Update: A Visual Tour

How Windows Phone 7 will be improved in the coming months.