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Microsoft will give away free Windows Phones to five Android users with the worst malware horror stories.


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News flash: You may actually like Windows Phone 7.5 (aka "Mango"). It really is the magical time of the year.


Why an Open Source WebOS will Help Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 Tablets

Analysis: It's not clear whether making WebOS open source will revive it, but the move won't hurt Windows Phone 7 or upcoming Windows 8 tablets -- and it may even help.

20 Most Anticipated Tech Products of 2012

From Apple's iPhone 5 to next-gen thermostats to OLED TVs, here are 20 tech products we're looking forward to seeing in 2012.


Nokia's First Windows Phone in US May Debut on T-Mobile

A manual for Nokia's Lumia 710 has appeared on the Federal Communications Commission website and T-Mobile has been sending out invitations for an event with Nokia.


10 Tech Wins of 2011

Among the high-profile flops, some companies managed to find success this year.


Microsoft Releases Xbox Live App for iPhone and iPad

With the release of My Xbox Live for iOS, Microsoft finally brings a little bit of Live to a platform other than Windows Phone 7.


Samsung Focus S: A Standout Windows Phone

The Samsung Focus S is the best Windows Phone available with smooth performance, a great camera and a gorgeous display.


RIM Plays to Its Strengths With BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Management Package

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will cover BlackBerrys and PlayBook tablets, and support competing mobile OSes, including Apple iOS and Google Android.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Lumia Could be a Bust, Analysts Say

Analysts say they've seen little traction for the Windows operating system over the last 12 months and they doubt that the Nokia brand can make a meaningful difference.