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Black Friday Survival Guide: 15 Apps to Hunt Down Deals, Parking, and More

These 15 apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 can help you save money and time on your post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy.

Deals Arrive Early: Many Phones Practically Free Already

Black Friday sales have begun, pushing down contract prices of the Droid RAZR, Samsung Galaxy S II, and other new models.


At 40,000 Apps, Windows Phone Marketplace Still Lags

WinPho users may have one-tenth of the apps of competitors, but perhaps that says something about the breadth of the Windows Phone OS functions.

Windows Phone 7 Sales Drop Precipitously

Windows Phone 7 devices sold fewer phones in this quarter compared to a year ago, even as overall smartphone sales jumped 42 percent.


Why It's Not Too Late for Windows Phone 7

Some people believe that Windows Phone 7 is too little, too late, and that Microsoft can't compete with platforms like iOS and Android.

Why Windows Phone 7 Is Too Late

Microsoft's mobile platform extends its business software into users' hands, but is it needed or wanted?

How to Boost Your Smartphone Battery Life

Tired of watching your phone die when you need it the most? Here's a collection of tips and tricks for wringing a little extra juice from your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone 7 smartphone's battery.

HTC Radar 4G Review: Stylish and Affordable Windows Phone

With a chic yet solid design, steady performance, and an easy-to-use interface, the HTC Radar is an excellent Windows Phone.


Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak: Microsoft Tops Apple on Openness

If someone uses a tool to jailbreak their Windows Phone 7 Phone, the warranties on their device will remain, and they'll still be able to get Microsoft support for their phone.


Spotify App Lands on Windows Phone 7

Users can search, browse and play music, check out their friends' playlists, stream music over Wi-Fi or 3G, save playlists to their device for offline listening and mark songs as favorites.