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Windows Phone 7, Day 30: WP7 'Mango' Is Ready for Prime Time

My experience with Windows Phone 7 has been the best of the "30 Days" series so far. It took a while to work out the kinks, but 'Mango' is ready to compete with iOS and Android.

Windows Phone 7, Day 28: My Five Biggest Windows Phone 7 Complaints

There is a lot that I really like about Windows Phone 7--especially the new "Mango" update. That doesn't mean there aren't some things I would change about the mobile OS if Microsoft asked for my opinion.

Windows Phone 7, Day 27: Your Mileage May Vary

The diverse selection of Windows Phone 7 smartphones means that the actual performance and experience of using "Mango" could be quite different depending on which you choose.

Windows Phone 7, Day 25: Conserving Battery Power with "Mango"

A "Mango" smartphone is very versatile, but all of those features and functions eat up battery power, so I need to find ways to make sure my smartphone can make it through the day on a full charge.

Mango Update Progressing, but Samsung Owners Have to Wait

Samsung owners were also affected when Microsoft temporarily had to halt the first upgrade of Windows Phone.


Microsoft-Samsung Patent Deal: Great News for Windows Phones

Thanks to a patent cross-licensing agreement, Microsoft gets paid for every Android phone or tablet Samsung sells. This may help to encourage Samsung to shift its priority from Android to Windows Phone software.


Windows Phone Mango: How to Upgrade Now

Most Windows Phone 7 users will have to wait a week or more for Mango -- unless they use this little workaround to take a bite of the update right now.


"Mango" Arrives with a Wi-Fi Tethering Surprise

Microsoft has started rolling out the official "Mango" update to Windows Phone 7 devices, along with a couple of unexpected updates.

Windows Phone 7, Day 23: The Camera Isn't Just for Pictures

Taking pictures with the smartphone camera is so yesterday. "Mango" adds cool features by putting the camera to work.

Windows Phone Mango: 10 Things You Need to Know

Microsoft's Paul Bryan, a Windows Phone senior director, describes the top new features in the mobile OS.