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Sprint Android phones will feature Quixey's smart search for new apps

All new Sprint Android phones will feature Quixey’s smart app search to help users discover new apps--without knowing exactly what the users are looking for.


Mobile World Congress: Will the Windows ecosystem be relevant in Barcelona?

There won't be a lot of huge phone and tablet announcements in Barcelona, and Microsoft's own presence will be dialed back. But there are still interesting developments on the horizon.

What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2013

Apps that act as a second screen, connected cars, tech to get you in shape, and countless tablets and phones will be on display at the 2013 Mobile World Congress.


The complete guide to Windows Phone 8 settings

We explain the ins and outs of your Windows Phone 8 handset.


Windows Blue rumors hint at major Windows update this year

Windows Blue may not refer only to an update for Windows, but to a set of coordinated updates for several Microsoft products, including Windows Phone, Windows Server, Windows RT, and services such as SkyDrive and

No Plan B? The fallacies and risks of Microsoft's all-in Windows gambit

Microsoft CFO Peter Klein said the company has no backup plans if its multi-device vision for Windows fails, but experts beg to differ.

Office for Windows Phone 8: Your handy starter guide

Your Windows Phone 8 smartphone is good for more than Angry Birds. Welcome to some of the most robust document editors available on a handset.


Windows Phone 8 and Xbox: Best friends forever

Microsoft's Xbox Live platform adds a few novel features to the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem


Vizio CA24T-A4: A looker with a few miscues

If it were just about style, the Vizio All-In-One would give Apple a run for its money. But it's not just about looks and a blurry display, weak keyboard, and mediocre performance dampen the experience.

Questions linger after Microsoft reports earnings

Sales of Windows 8 helped Microsoft report nearly $6.4 billion in profit on $21.5 billion in revenue, but it remains to be seen whether the new OS is a success.