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Man the lifeboats! The Surface RTitanic is sinking fast

Microsoft's message seems to be: yes, while our low-end Surface RT tablet stinks, it doesn't stink as much as it used to. Meanwhile, as many as 6 million Surface RTs sit idle.

Lenovo drops Yoga 11 hybrid with Windows RT from its online sales

Analysts say the move is a sign that PC makers are backing away from their commitment to the struggling OS.

Why Windows RT is crucial for Microsoft despite sagging sales

Windows RT may not be setting the world on fire—yet—but its underlying principles are shaking the Windows ecosystem to its core.

The delightful dozen: 12 fantastic (and free) Windows 8 apps

In the world of apps, there is indeed such a thing as a free lunch, making this roundup of 12 superb—and free!—Windows 8 apps a virtual smorgasbord.

Windows 8's Windows Store hits the 100,000 app milestone as it gains momentum

Microsoft's Windows Store crosses a major milestone as it gains post-BUILD momentum.

How to download Windows 8.1 Preview

Ready to try Windows 8.1? Here's what you need to know.

Surface RT’s (still rumored) integration of Snapdragon 800 is welcome, but no cure-all

A Snapdragon 800 processor could give the Surface RT slate LTE capabilities and a big performance shot in the ARM (get it?), but Windows RT won't shine until some software woes are addressed.

Windows 8.1 video tour puts a friendly face on the Start screen

Microsoft has released a video overview of some of the new features of Windows 8.1, taking pains to show off how personalized the Start screen can be.

Outlook is a game changer for Windows RT tablets

Between Outlook, and the rest of the new features with Windows 8.1, Windows RT tablets will be much more attractive to both businesses and consumers.

Eight questions about Windows 8 for Microsoft manufacturing chief Nick Parker

Nick Parker has one of the more interesting jobs in the PC business right now. As corporate vice president for Microsoft's OEM division, he manages the company's relationships with PC manufacturers, including sales and licensing of Windows.