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Tired of scrolling through Word's lengthy font list to find a particular typeface? If you know the name, a couple keystrokes gets you there faster.

PDFZilla Converts Simple PDF Files to Microsoft Word

Convert PDF files to Word files for editing with PDFZilla--and with only partial success.

Apple Quietly Fills in Some iPad Blanks

A few critical details are appearing quietly on Apple's Website — but many questions remain unanswered


Google Enlists DocVerse in Attack on Microsoft

Google has acquired DocVerse, a company that is creating 'a bridge between Microsoft Office and Google Apps.'

Office Tips: Work More Efficiently in Word

Learn how to quickly print multiple copies of specific pages, strip out hyperlinks, add filler text to Word docs--and more.

Microsoft Word Tip: Strip Hyperlinks From Pasted Text

Tired of unwanted e-mail and Web links in your Word documents? This handy (and little-known) shortcut gets rid of them in a flash.

Move Paragraphs in Word Using Only Your Keyboard

More keyboard-shortcut goodness, this time for Word users who want to shuffle paragraphs without touching the mouse.

Memeo Connects Google Docs to the Desktop

Memeo and Google announced the availability of Memeo Connect for Google Apps to bridge the gap between Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Hobbled Word Goes on Sale as Microsoft Challenges Court Ruling Again

Microsoft has complied with the court order demanding it remove patented technology from Word, but it has also launched a legal challenge looking to overturn the ruling.

Microsoft Will Patch Mac Word to Comply With Court Order

Microsoft will patch Word on the Mac to comply with a federal court's ruling requiring it to remove custom XML technology from its popular word processing...