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Microsoft Staves Off Word Sales Ban

Appeals Court Grants Microsoft Reprieve in Word Case

Microsoft Gets Reprieve in Word Case

Microsoft won a stay of an injunction ordered by a Texas court that would halt sales of Word.

How to Get Big Bucks from Redmond: Click, Sue, Win!

Hey, Texas patent trolls — simply click here to sue Microsoft.

Microsoft Says Word Ban Threatens Industry

In its appeal of a patent law ruling, Microsoft warns of "massive disruptions" in the tech industry if Word cannot be sold.

Microsoft's Best Option in Lawsuit: License

Analysis: Don't hold off your Word purchases, because Microsoft and litigant i4i are likely to cut a deal over their XML patent dispute.

How Microsoft Can Solve its Word Patent Problem

An "easy workaround" could solve Microsoft's legal challenge regarding Word, an expert advises.

The Law Can't Keep Up with Technology

Analysis: Yesterday's rulings against RealDVD and Microsoft Word reinforce a painful truth of our times.


Don't Ban Microsoft Word — Ban Patent Lawyers Instead

Analysis: An idea worth patenting — banish patent lawyers for a time (and the judges who enable them), and let common sense prevail.

Microsoft Word Patent Ruling: So Who Is i4i?

Analysis: Bloggers wonder if i4i is a patent troll or a genuinely aggrieved inventor.

Microsoft Vows to Appeal Word Patent Ruling

Judge Orders Microsoft to Pay $300M in Word Patent Case