Don't-Miss Stories

Google Docs for Android: A Test Drive

Can Google’s native Docs app help an Android tablet replace your laptop? Here's a hands-on look at the promise the app holds.

Day 2: So Far I'm Not Loving Google Docs

My first full day of trying to use Google Docs instead of Microsoft Word to get my writing done was pretty rough. Hopefully it gets better as I get through the learning curve.

Office 365: Not for Smaller Businesses

Office 365 makes an attractive cloud office work proposition, but fails to unseat Google Apps for smaller businesses.

Office 365 Virtually Pays for Itself

Office 365 pricing makes a compelling case for adopting the cloud-based service and letting Microsoft deal with the backend IT infrastructure.

Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps for Business: Cloud Showdown

Two tech titans go head-to-head in a war to win over businesses with productivity tools that promise anywhere-access for mobile workers.

Microsoft Patent Case Draws Strange Alliances

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear on Monday a challenge to intellectual property law that patent attorneys and inventors of all types are closely watching.

Microsoft Word Tip: Adjust Your Document's Line Spacing

Older versions of Word buried line-spacing settings inside formatting menus, but in Word 2007 and 2010, they're hiding in plain sight.

How to Make Word 2003 Your Default Word Processor

I find Microsoft Office 2010's ribbon interface unintuitive, particularly in Word. Here's how to go back in time to Office 2003.

Automatic Capitalization

Walter Poole, complaining about recent writing habits, asked if it's possible to automate capitalization in Microsoft Word

Use Thumbnails to Navigate Your Microsoft Word Documents

Bet you didn't know that Word has a thumbnail view just like PowerPoint, making it easy to hop between pages in lengthy documents.