Don't-Miss Stories

Microsoft Word Tip: Quickly Add Filler Text to Your Document

Whether you're putting together some kind of mock-up document or trying to learn Word's formatting features, filler text can come in mighty handy.

Microsoft Word Tip: Strip Hyperlinks From Pasted Text

Tired of unwanted e-mail and Web links in your Word documents? This handy (and little-known) shortcut gets rid of them in a flash.

Microsoft Word Tip: Print Multiple Copies of Individual Pages

A little-known Word feature makes it simple to print extra copies of specific pages in your document.

Make the Most of Your 'Home' and 'End' Keys

How to stop neglecting two of the handiest shortcut keys on your keyboard.

Low-cost Softmaker Office Suite Includes The Usual, Plus BASIC Scripting

Softmaker Office includes the same core programs as in Ashampoo Office 2010, plus scripting language BasicMaker.

Ashampoo Office Makes Spreadsheets and Documents On the Cheap

Perform the usual office tasks with Ashampoo Office, a much less costly but somewhat less feature-rich alternative to MS Office.

Jarte 3.0

This easy-to-use word processor is small enough to fit on a portable USB drive.

The Form Letter Machine Saves Time On Correspondence

Quickly create form letters and e-mails with The Form Letter Machine.

Able2Extract Converts PDFs Into More Usable Formats

Extract the text and images from PDF documents into various Office or AutoCAD formats with Able2Extract.

Breevy Saves Text-Typing Time and Trouble

Significantly speed up repetitive typing, program launching, and other tasks with Breevy