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Microsoft Word Alternatives: Wordsmiths, Rejoice!

Microsoft Word is the 800-pound gorilla of word processors--but sometimes you need less, more, or just something different.

Two Easy Mouse-Click Shortcuts You Need to Learn

There's the slow way of selecting a word or paragraph with your mouse, and then there's the smart way. Today's the day you learn the smart way.

Solid Converter PDF Turns PDFs Into Microsoft Office Docs

Convert PDF files to Word and other Office formats with Solid Converter PDF.

ABBYY FineReader Professional Transforms Bulky Papers Into Neat, Editable Digital Files

OCR doesn't get much better or easier than ABBYY FineReader 10 Pro.

Freebie TED Notepad Offers Extras Microsoft's Own Notepad Doesn't

Quick, small, notepad replacement TED Notepad adds features without bloat.

Piscel Smart Office: A Mobile Office Suite App for Android

This app can view and edit many common office file types, but an awkward interface hampers its editing capability.


OliveOffice: A Mediocre Office App That leaves You Wanting More

This office document viewer lacks key functionality, making it less attractive than its competitors.


CrossEyes Reveals Microsoft Word's Hidden Formatting

Get a real look at what's going on inside your Word documents with CrossEyes.

New Notepads: Better, Stronger, Faster

These free replacements for Windows Notepad range from 'just plain better' to 'programmer's dream.' Find the text editor that best fits your needs.

Festive Fonts for Holiday Greetings

Fonts and dingbats for the holiday season don't have to look like they came from 50-year-old greeting cards or wrapping paper. Some of Jay Nelson's favorites this year are modern and quirky, while others are more old-fashioned—but with a twist.