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Here are 15 major works of computing literature, from history to how-to, that were enormously successful and deserve to be celebrated.

Supreme Court to Hear Microsoft's Patent Appeal Over Word

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear Microsoft's appeal of a $290 million patent infringement judgment that forced the company to revamp Word earlier this year.

OpenOffice Compatibility

Ninthchamber asked the Office & Business Software forum why OpenOffice files don't always open in Microsoft Office

CloudZap Moves Your Docs From Scanner or Desktop to the Cloud

Scan, print or publish documents straight from your PC to services such as Google Docs or Microsoft SharePoint with CloudZap

GDoc Fusion can combine almost any documents into PDFs or Word files

Roll different documents--even in disparate formats--into one tidy PDF or Word doc with gDoc Fusion.

8 Useful Apps for Reading and Writing on the iPad

Reading on the iPad is a joy, and writing can be too. Here are eight apps--and a few tips--that can make both experiences even better.

Free Nitro PDF Reader Blows Away the Competition

Better than its name, free PDF tool Nitro PDF Reader does more than just read PDFs.

Free Nuance PDF Reader Displays and Converts PDFs

Read PDF files and convert them to Office files with this free PDF viewer.

Office Tab Makes It Easier to Manage Open Office Docs

Increase efficiency by adding tabs to Microsoft Office with Office Tab.

Foxit Phantom PDF Suite Creates Professional-Quality PDFs

Create PDF files quickly and easily with Foxit Phantom PDF Suite.