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10 features we want to see in the next Xbox

Scuttlebutt says the next Xbox's announcement is coming in late May. We drop a few ideas in the suggestion box.


Microsoft's Xbox cleared of Google patent violation charge

An administrative law judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission has ruled against a ban on Microsoft's Xbox as he found it did not violate a patent owned by Motorola Mobility.

Microsoft: Hackers obtained high-profile Xbox Live accounts

Several high-profile Xbox Live accounts for former and current Microsoft employees were compromised by attackers using social engineering techniques, the company said late Tuesday.


Five highlights from the SXSW Gaming Expo

The SXSW Gaming Expo gave us a quick preview on what we can expect to see at larger gaming expos later this year. Here are five things that caught our eye.

Activision's Call of Duty does game microtransactions correctly

Activision's microtransactions for Call of Duty—or "Micro Items," as the publisher calls them—seem pretty harmless.


The complete guide to Windows Phone 8 settings

We explain the ins and outs of your Windows Phone 8 handset.


Windows Phone 8 and Xbox: Best friends forever

Microsoft's Xbox Live platform adds a few novel features to the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem


Windows 8 and Xbox: How to realize their hidden synergy

With Windows 8, the ties between Microsoft's blockbuster operating system and its blockbuster gaming console have never been tighter. Here's how to get the two playing nicely together.

Next-generation Xbox, PlayStation consoles may be unveiled in March

Microsoft and Sony reportedly will each hold their own 'Apple-style press conferences'

Microsoft starts E3 countdown, stirring rumors of next Xbox

Microsoft's director of programming for Xbox Live posted a countdown timer to the E3 trade show on his blog, raising the possibility that Microsoft plans to unveil the next version of its Xbos at the June event.