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Steam user count tops Xbox Live ahead of Valve's console push

Valve’s popular PC game store and online service now has more than 65 million active accounts.

Games with Gold

Xbox 360’s Games with Gold service gets gold-starred for the foreseeable future

Microsoft announced Friday that Xbox Live Gold members will continue receiving two free games per month indefinitely, as its Games with Gold promotion is now a permanent feature.


Microsoft's Wordament app drags Xbox Live achievements to Android

It's another step towards Xbox assuming Microsoft's all-encompassing entertainment brand, but don't expect this to open the achievement point floodgates if you're on non-Windows systems.


Microsoft makes Xbox Live Gold free for the weekend

If you've let your Xbox Live Gold subscription lapse, Microsoft would like to re-introduce you to the service.

Xbox 360 update starts cashing out on Microsoft Points

Microsoft announce an end to its Microsoft Points virtual currency last month; it's started making the switch to local currency as part of an Xbox Live update.

Microsoft's Xbox One simplifies game-console sharing

Anyone using your new Xbox One can access all of your digital games, as well as all your Xbox Live Gold perks, with just one subscription.