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Twitch Screenshot

Microsoft delays Twitch TV game broadcasting on Xbox One until 2014

Fans of the game streaming service will get to watch PlayStation 4 owners getting their game on -- but Xbox One owners will have to wait until next year.

Battlefield 4

Our favorite launch titles for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Bought a new console? These are the only launch games worth paying attention to.


Xbox One, PS4 consoles help AMD gain x86 market share against Intel

AMD grew its market share thanks to the millions of semi-custom x86 architecture chips it shipped for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, an analyst said Tuesday.

Xbox One Media Achievements

SkyDrive, Hulu, Xbox Video to live in Xbox One's 'apps channel'

Not surprisingly, Microsoft is planning to let your Xbox One replicate many of the functions of your PC, including SkyDrive's photo and videos. But content will live in a grid of "apps channels," just like any other channel on the TV dial.

Microsoft's Xbox One won't play 3D Blu-ray movies

But nobody cares about 3D movies anyway.


Yup, the Xbox One still requires a launch day patch

Before you work yourself into a lather, please understand that Microsoft has been saying since June that the update would be required.


Microsoft reveals Xbox One's launch day entertainment app line up -- sort of

Microsoft's entertainment app lineup for the Xbox One trumps the PlayStation 4's on the face of things - but watch out for that small print.


What data does Microsoft's Xbox services collect? We break it down

Microsoft's privacy policy for its Xbox devices and services respectfully asks for as much information as you're willing to give. Here's a rundown of the relevant bits.

Microsoft shows off Xbox One's dashboard chops in new video

Three weeks before the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft's revealing more details about its next-gen gaming console.


Dell says Xbox One will run and sync Windows 8 apps: Don't get too excited

But is the tidbit a tip of things to come, an oblique reference to features we already know about, or just plain erroneous?