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Yahoo CEO reaffirms decision to prohibit telecommuting

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer defended her decision this week at a Great Place to Work conference, but Earth Day facts don't back her rationale.

Yahoo slims down -- again

The moves are all part of the company's ongoing efforts to restructure its product offerings in a bid to re-engage users.

Yahoo launches new weather, email apps in its 'second sprint' of rebuilding

Yahoo has released two new mobile apps, for weather and email, suggesting the company may be on track toward delivering on its promise of offering users a range of new mobile products over the next several months.

Yahoo Mail gets Dropbox support to handle large attachments

Attaching large files to an e-mail used to be a major hassle, but e-mail providers like Yahoo are now tapping into cloud storage services to make it easier.


App Spotlight: KiteDesk aggregates your cloud accounts and social media

This app/Web service is great for managing multiple Google, Twitter, and other accounts, but it needs a few small tweaks.

Yahoo wants bigger slice of tech pie, less emphasis on media products

It is putting the axe to more than a half dozen of its less popular products as CEO Marissa Mayer, a former Google engineer who worked her way up to a vice president post, remakes the company.

Yahoo rolls out redesigned home page, hints at more changes

Yahoo’s new look for its home page is clean, simple, and mobile-friendly as the site seeks to reclaim Internet crown.


Google keeps Bing, Yahoo at bay in search business

Google hangs onto its dominant share of the search market, while its competitors inch up and down.


Yahoo's Mayer says mobile mail is broken

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer thinks there are problems with checking email on a smartphone, but her company is working on a solution.


Yahoo aims to strengthen mobile presence with Alike buy

Yahoo is bidding to strengthen its presence in the increasingly important mobile space with the acquisition of Alike, a location discovery app.