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Yahoo gets help from Yelp to fight Google

Yelp user reviews and business information will appear in Yahoo search results.

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New York State works to clean up fake online reviews

Search-engine-optimization firms and individual businesses in New York State must now pay fines ranging from $2500 to just under $100,000, and must discontinue the practice of posting fake reviews.

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Stik protects local businesses from fraudulent user reviews

Recommendations site authenticates reviewers through Facebook and LinkedIn

Think you're an Internet hotshot? Flash a ReviewerCard to try and prove it.

ReviewerCard debuts as a $100 members-only club for people who can prove they are elite online reviewers. The card has no real value, but tells business owners that the cardholder is planning to write a review (subtext: watch out).


Negative reviews on Yelp, Angie's List allowed to stand

A Virginia woman faces a defamation suit for negative reviews about a contractor

Yelp to battle shill reviews with name-and-shame program

The company will place alert messages on the profile page of businesses caught stuffing their profile full of bogus reviews