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Filter YouTube Comments, Google Alerts and Chrome Tips

Learn how to filter out objectionable comments on YouTube, configure Google Alerts, and enable autofill in Chrome.

Connected Blu-ray Players for Any Budget

PCWorld put six popular Blu-ray players through their paces. We compared them on image quality and Internet options to help you find the best match for your home theater.


How to Filter YouTube's Undesirable Comments

Even a seemingly innocent video can be rife with profanity-laden and/or hate-filled comments. Here's how Chrome and Firefox users can block them from innocent eyes.


Google Pushes Wallet as Payment System

The Checkout and Wallet functions are being consolidated, and Wallet is becoming the preferred payment service on Google commerce sites.

Hacker Group Member Released by Drug Cartel

Questions have been raised in some quarters about whether the whole affair was an elaborate, if not potentially dangerous, hoax.

YouTube to Boost Original, Professional Programming

YouTube will roll out next month new channels with original programs, as the video site beefs up its selection of professional content.


Microsoft's YouTube Channel Gets Hijacked and Wiped Clean

Microsoft's official YouTube channel was hijacked on Saturday and all videos hosted on it were temporarily removed.


YouTube Original Content Channels Expected Soon

Analysis: Some technical upgrades are in order before YouTube tries to expand its programming.


Twitter Used for Social Good and to Incite Disorder

For an outside entity to proclaim what can and cannot be done on free and open social media is like trying to discipline someone else's unruly kid.

YouTube Adds 2D-to-3D Conversion Tool

The software turns any 2D video uploaded by a users into a 3D film with the click of a button.