Don't-Miss Stories

YouTube to Boost Original, Professional Programming

YouTube will roll out next month new channels with original programs, as the video site beefs up its selection of professional content.


Microsoft's YouTube Channel Gets Hijacked and Wiped Clean

Microsoft's official YouTube channel was hijacked on Saturday and all videos hosted on it were temporarily removed.


YouTube Original Content Channels Expected Soon

Analysis: Some technical upgrades are in order before YouTube tries to expand its programming.


Twitter Used for Social Good and to Incite Disorder

For an outside entity to proclaim what can and cannot be done on free and open social media is like trying to discipline someone else's unruly kid.

YouTube Adds 2D-to-3D Conversion Tool

The software turns any 2D video uploaded by a users into a 3D film with the click of a button.

YouTube Video that Captured Senior Moments Goes Viral

A retirement community couple unknowingly records their attempts to use a new laptop's webcam, and their video is the buzz of the social network stratosphere.


Windows 8 Update: The End of Adobe Flash?

Microsoft says it will rely on HTML5, not Flash, for the Metro-style interface of Internet Explorer 10. Will your online video-watching be affected?

Spinoff of Hactivist Group Anonymous Targets Celebrities

A spinoff of the hacktivist collective Anonymous appears to be branching off and getting into the celebrity snooping business.


Check Out The (Surprisingly Good) Portal Fan Film

Fan films can be quaint and ultimately embarrassing at times, but such is not the case with Portal: No Escape.


YouTube-Google+ Feature Lets Users Have Video-Watching Party

If you want to participate in making the latest viral video even more infectious, you can do it by combining the power of Google+’s Hangout and YouTube's video-sharing functions.