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YouTube Swiftly Converts Videos in WebM Format

WebM, which is intended for use with HTML5 video, is backed by Google, Mozilla, and Opera. YouTube is also working to transcode its entire video catalog to the format.

YouTube to Stream Royal Wedding Live

Invitation to the Royal Wedding lost in the mail? Watch the event live on YouTube.


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Easily view, share, and subscribe to YouTube videos in the free, feature-rich app DeskTube Lite.

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After making its mark with prerecorded videos posted by users and others, YouTube takes its business live.

YouTube Live: The Makeover Continues

Google continues to makeover YouTube with the introduction of YouTube Live

Videos We All Love to Hate on YouTube

First, you've never heard of the guy, and then Justin Bieber is everywhere with a song you can't stand--and a YouTube video you rush to Dislike. Who else belongs on YouTube's detestable hit list?