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Tweak your browser to show YouTube song lyrics

Available for all the major browsers, this handy extension lets you sing along to your favorite music videos.

Review: Minitube brings the YouTube experience at its best to your desktop

Minitube is a well-designed YouTube app that makes it easy to watch interesting videos quickly and continuously, with a viewing experience that's even better than get from YouTube's Web interface.

6 late-night and Internet interview shows for any taste

It can be hard to keep up with late-night TV shows and still get a healthy night's sleep--which is a shame since there's a lot of great late-night programs on the air these days. Luckily, the Internet lets you stream a lot of the stuff you might miss--for free--and there's even some new, Internet-original shows in the interview format that are worth watching.


Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts flap proves the power of social media and a cool head in business

Video doesn't lie: When an angry customer took her complaint online, the donut shop came out on top.

Facebook is music to some users' ears

A new YouTube video singing the praises of the social networking behmoth is part of a trend toward tech-themed musicals.


New Buzzfeed/CNN YouTube channel opens opportunity for numerous video montages

Viral content factory Buzzfeed has announced a partnership with cable network turned foodie vacation outlet CNN to create a new Youtube channel: the aptly-dubbed CNNBuzzfeed.


Privately share a video that only a select few can watch

Larry wants to make a video available, via streaming, to friends and family, and only to friends and family


Google, Microsoft finally bury the hatchet on YouTube app

Ads? Check. Downloads? Eliminated. Microsoft and Google's YouTube will publish a Windows Phone app the way Google wants it.


YouTube and Windows Phone: The Google-Microsoft slap fight continues

Microsoft's response to Google's takedown request for the Windows Phone 8 YouTube app: Hypocrisy much?


German case on embedding YouTube videos referred to EU court

Embedded YouTube videos don't infringe copyright under current German law, but they could violate European rules, the German Federal Court of Justice said on Thursday.