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Copyright owners denied class status in YouTube suit

A federal court in New York has denied class certification to copyright owners in an infringement lawsuit against YouTube over unauthorized hosting of content, stating that copyright claims have only superficial similarities.

Google tells Microsoft to shut down its YouTube app for Windows Phone

Google on Wednesday demanded that Microsoft yank its YouTube app for Windows Phone from the market and disable any downloaded copies of the app, according to, which received a copy of Google's cease and desist letter.

Epson's Moverio BT-100 smart glasses

Epson brings hands-free YouTube to smart glasses

Epson America is bringing hands-free interaction with YouTube to its smart glasses, which could set the stage for improved usability of applications like augmented reality.

Watch this: ISS Commander Chris Hadfield covers Bowie's 'Space Oddity' in space

Chris Hadfield wraps up a stellar run as commander of the International Space Station with an out-of-this-world cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity."


YouTube launches pilot program for subscription-based paid channels

In a move that should surprise precisely no one, YouTube announced a pilot program that will herald a new age of subscription-based paid channels on the Google-owned video site.


YouTube Trends Map tells you what North Dakota's watching

Wondering what the world is watching? A new YouTube Trends Map shows trending YouTube videos around the country, along with demographic breakdowns.

Google readies premium YouTube subscriptions

Google plans to offer a video subscription service on YouTube, which according to a newspaper report, the company may announce this week.


The best Boston marathon video was shot by amateurs

Boston Marathon bystanders uploaded smartphone footage of Monday's bombings to social networks with the help of Vine and YouTube.


The VCR's legacy shines brightly at YouTube and Aereo

YouTube's VHS emulator adds a fun VCR-inspired dash to streaming videos, but Betamax's legacy forms the very root of Aereo's business.

YouTube videos play up the crude to appeal to youths

Already credited with the most viral video on YouTube ever, Psy this weekend posted to the video-sharing platform the sequel to "Gangnam Style," which has registered more than 1.5 billion views.