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Will.i.am: Can’t let tech ignore fashion fundamentals

The Black Eyed Peas frontman introduced the Puls, a wrist wearable that he says is more fashionable than its competitors and can do everything a phone can.

iPad Air 2, Nexus 9 and Facebook Safety Check - World Tech Update

On WTU this week Apple intros new iPads and a 5K display, Facebook helps users connect with friends during disasters and a Japanese prototype lets couples send tactile communications.

n4 hand2

Galaxy Note 4 review: Samsung finally listens to its fans, and it pays off

With the Note 4, it feels like Samsung took every little comment stuffed into its cobweb-covered suggestion box and actually listened to what its users want.

Here's how 200 women coders showed they can hack it

More than 200 women participated in Hackbright Academy’s Silicon Chef hardware hackathon. The two-day event culminated in 27 hardware projects.

HTC debuts Desire Eye, a phone for selfies

HTC hopes to make splash in the crowded Android smartphone arena with the Desire Eye. HTC also showed off the Re, its first foray into the camera market.

Robot ping pong, a smartring and crazy Japanese prototypes - World Tech Update

A ping pong robot, smartring and Japanese prototypes - World Tech Update Coming up on WTU we’re at Ceatec in Japan with a ping pong playing robot, a lifelike humanoid and ins-tore tracking technology.

Drivers get new view from Sharp cameras

Sharp is developing a car camera system that will let drivers see obstacles as if looking down from above their cars.

Japanese smartring shipping next year

Smartwatches might be the most popular wearables right now, but that hasn't stopped Japanese startup 16Lab from making a sensor-equipped smartring.