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Roccat MK Ryos Pro keyboard offers fully programmable lighting (video)

Highlights from Roccat’s CES suite include a mechanical keyboard with its own SDK and a nifty smartphone app for remote controlling your PC.

Xi3, Valve join forces on a compact gaming PC for your HDTV

This little black box could bring PC games out of the corner and into your living room.

Toyota shows off in-car wireless phone charging (video)

The 2013 Toyota Avalon will feature a pad where certain cell phones can rest and charge up.

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Xi3 Project Piston - CES 2013

Xi3 Project Piston - CES 2013

CES Day Zero wrap-up: 4K TVs foisted on the Las Vegas press corps (video)

A slew of bombastic TV announcements defined the calm before the CES storm.

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Vizio doubles down on Windows 8 at CES (video)

Vizio comes to Vegas bearing new laptops, desktops, and a brand-new Windows 8 tablet.

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Intel at CES: throwing down the gauntlet with Nvidia (video)

Intel cuts a broad swath at CES with new CPUs for phones, tablets and Ultrabooks.

Lenovo Horizon 'Table PC' ushers old-timey board games into the Windows 8 era (video)

Packed with a 27-inch display and Core i7 power, Lenovo's new high-performance all-in-one can be laid flat on a table for a new breed of multitouch board games. E-dice and arcade controller accessories add a physical dimension to what Lenovo calls a "phygital" experience.

Lenovo Ideacentre Horizon - CES 2013

Lenovo Ideacentre Horizon - CES 2013

Nvidia GRID server promises speedy cloud-based gaming (video)

Nvidia promises fast streaming streaming of games and other 3D content with its GPU-packed, virtualization-powered servers.

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