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Nvidia goes for horsepower with its new Tegra K1 graphics processor

The new graphics processor from Nvidia packs 192 GPU cores onto a single chip and promises to bring console-class graphics to smartphones and tablets.

Fast Sphero 2B buzzes along at 10 miles per hour

Our favorite robot ball gets a totally tubular big brother that can zip and flip around your living room at an impressive 10mph.

You need a smart, connected toothbrush because your dental hygiene is pitiful

Kolibree's sensor-packed electric toothbrush knows exactly when you're naughty and nice (to your teeth).

Jumping Sumo robot leaps around house, streams video

The robotic toy is controlled over your home WiFi network or a network created by the robot itself.

CES: Chevy packs telemetry recorder into 2015 Corvette Stingray

Chevrolet will offer owners of its new 2015 Corvette Stingray a high-tech system that's something of a cross between a dash-cam and a flight data recorder.

What to watch for at CES 2014

This year's edition of the massive CES trade show is about to get underway. Here are just a few of the stories we're keeping a close eye on.

Lenovo Laptops - CES 2013

Lenovo Laptops - CES 2013

Displair - CES 2013

Displair - CES 2013

75+ ways to get the best out of Windows 7 and Windows 8