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sony playstationtv

Sony's cute little PlayStation TV microconsole is coming to the U.S. for $99

It may be called PlayStation TV, but this itty-bitty console is all about playing games.

xbox logo e3

Microsoft's E3 mantra: Games, games, and more games (but few surprises)

Microsoft held a press event to mark the start of the E3 gaming expo Monday, and nearly every one of the event's 90 minutes was focused on games instead of hardware.

Xbox One price creates opportunity for Sony's PlayStation 4

Sony's PlayStation 4 console costs $100 less than Microsoft's Xbox One and doesn't place restrictive DRM on users. IDC gaming analyst Lewis Ward thinks it could put Sony in a winning position this holiday season.

Horizon Event - E3 2013

Indie game makers talk about their efforts at the first ever Horizon Event in Los Angeles.

Latest AMD processor runs at 5GHz

Targeting gaming and multimedia enthusiasts, AMD announced a 5GHz processor at E3 in Los Angeles.

PC Gems at E3 - E3 2013

Hard to find PC booths and content at this year's E3

Microsoft Booth Tour - E3 2013

Microsoft Booth Tour - E3 2013

Microsoft's Xbox One lets gamers record, create their own games

Microsoft detailed its next generation console at E3 in Los Angeles, which includes tighter Smart Glass integration and new ways to record and create games.