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Sony's cute little PlayStation TV microconsole is coming to the U.S. for $99

It may be called PlayStation TV, but this itty-bitty console is all about playing games.

xbox logo e3

Microsoft's E3 mantra: Games, games, and more games (but few surprises)

Microsoft held a press event to mark the start of the E3 gaming expo Monday, and nearly every one of the event's 90 minutes was focused on games instead of hardware.

PlayStation 4 (2)

Xbox One pricing paves way for Sony PS4 success

A series of blunders by Microsoft has paved the way for Sony's PlayStation 4 console to capture the top spot in year-end holiday sales.

Indie games leave E3 for a press event of their own

The first annual Horizon conference showcased a ton of exciting indie games, including new games from noted developers Robin Hunicke, Keita Takahashi and Phil Fish.


AMD announces a 5GHz microprocessor, but few will care

AMD pushes its AMD FX-9000 chip to 5GHz, a new high for the industry.

PCs share the love—and the games—with consoles at E3

Oculus Rift. Arma III and DayZ. Razer Edge. Indiecade. PC games and hardware abounded at E3, and the cross-platform push means there’s more fun to come.

Microsoft Booth Tour - E3 2013

Microsoft Booth Tour - E3 2013

Microsoft talks games at E3

Here are details on the Xbox One and other announcements made Monday from Microsoft's press event at the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles. Click the link to replay the event with our added commentary and coverage.

Explosions and exclusives: Microsoft’s E3 press conference wrap-up

Microsoft earns some much-needed goodwill with an E3 press conference packed with exciting new games.

E3 2013: What's going to be hot in gaming

The Electronic Entertainment Expo kicks off Monday in Los Angeles. Here's some of what our crack team of gaming wonks expects to find there.


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