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ubuntu 1604 snappy

Ubuntu’s Snap packages aren’t yet as secure as Canonical’s marketing claims

Ubuntu 16.04's Unity 7 desktop isn't capable of fully supporting Snap's sandboxed environment, creating opportunity for malicious applications.

38 productivity-enhancing Android apps for the enterprise

Android at work: 38 business-ready apps that help you get stuff done on the run

For Android to win over the enterprise, it needs the right apps -- and these offerings definitely mean business

craig wright

Craig Wright claims he's mysterious bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto

Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright is bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, he has claimed on his personal blog and in media interviews.

android watch face customization

The best customizable Android Wear watch faces

If you want complete control over every detail of your watch face, then these are the ones to get.


gmail logo

5 Chrome extensions that fill Gmail's gaps

Encrypt messages, learn keyboard shortcuts as you go, and more, with these Chrome add-ons.

low battery tips main image 0

7 ways to keep your dying Android phone or iPhone alive

So there you are, running from meeting to meeting on a particularly busy day when you suddenly notice your iPhone or Android phone’s battery gauge is deep in the red. These tips will help staunch the bleeding.

The Triby has integrated Spotify Connect support

Triby review: Alexa transforms a silly gadget into a family-oriented digital assistant

It's just like Amazon's Echo, but with an E-Ink display, VoIP service, batteries, and magnets so you can stick it on your fridge.

apple watch windows 95

Someone got Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch, because of course they would

Windows 95 on an Apple Watch isn't exactly practical, but it looks like a fun way to relive the 90s on your wrist.

microsoft powerapps on any device

New Microsoft beta lets workers build their own apps without coding

Microsoft announced Friday that it's opening up its PowerApps app creation service to the world, after a private beta period that began last year.

fake surface phone 1

The death of Intel's Atom casts a dark shadow over the rumored Surface Phone

Windows phone fans have dreamed of a Surface phone that can natively run existing Win32 apps. But with Intel's decision to discontinue its Atom processors for smartphones, that dream is probably dead.

Intel Atom

Intel cuts Atom chips, basically giving up on the smartphone and tablet markets

Intel could be on the verge of exiting the market for smartphones and standalone tablets. As it cuts its Atom product line, the company is flushing billions it spent trying to expand in those markets.

fivetotry april29 lead2

Five to Try: Angry Birds launches into Action, and Radon serves up ultrasonic link swaps

Grab some fresh Android apps and games for your phone this weekend.


The Division

This week in games: Modern Warfare gets remastered, Fox News calls out The Division

Plus six minutes of Deus Ex, twelve minutes of Shadow Warrior 2, and an hour and a half of Doom.

google my maps

Google Maps update ties your photos, contacts, and destinations closer together

You can now batch upload photos, add contact addresses to your places, and get more suggestions for things to do.

microsoft flow templates

Microsoft develops IFTTT rival called Flow for connecting apps and services

On Friday, Microsoft launched a preview of Microsoft Flow, which allows users to connect Microsoft services and third-party apps in logical ways.