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Latest Google Glass update makes contacts easier to deal with

12 minutes ago |

With the new Glass OS version, users will be able to scroll through their full address books and add favorites more easily.

Microsoft hopes HTC's flagship Windows Phone will be the first of many

43 minutes ago |

Now that Microsoft's first third-party Windows Phone, the HTC One (M8) for Windows, has debuted, the company is committing to a program that will, it hopes, inspire other handset makers to follow HTC's lead.

Kreyos smartwatch is just the latest crowdfunded, wearable horror story

1 hour ago |

Backers expose shady behavior after not getting what they paid for.

Sprint announces $60 unlimited plan to woo you away from your carrier

1 hour ago |

The new plan undercuts T-Mobile's similar offering, but network performance remains and issue.

How private NAS beats the public cloud for small business

4 weeks ago |

The private cloud is no longer about merely storing your data more safely than on public cloud services. NAS lets you set up virtualization services on hardware you own and manage, saving money and boosting your peace of mind.

Opera signs deal to become default browser on Microsoft's Nokia feature phones

2 hours ago |

The Opera browser, which has struggled to gain traction, signs an important deal to power the aging Asha phones that Microsoft inherited in its Nokia deal.

Shadowgate review: This castle still wants to kill you, 25 years later

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